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Bijoy Chowdury – Photography – Bohurupi serie

Bijoy Chowdhury graduated from the Government College of Art & Craft and now working as a Photographer & visual communicator. From his college life photography has been a passion for him. A committed and an obsessive photographer specialising in documentary photography. His ardent photography has got him several national and international awards. ‘Nirman Award’, Photo Division Award are such National Awards that has been bestowed upon him as a mark of his intelligent photography. In regard to the International Awards, he has honoured himself with winning twice the Commonwealth Photography Award. Another is National Geographic Traveler Photo Award that has ultimately come as a full circle of his recognition as a devotional lensman.

That is aptly reflected in the words of Mr. Keith Bellows, the Editor-in-chief of National Geographic Traveler Magazine. He wrote ”this award we considered conforms your sharp shooting ability to capture the spirit of a place in classic National Geographic Traveler style.”His published works and participation in several photography exhibitions both in India and abroad have added another crown in his bucket of glory. His solo exhibition was held two times in NCPA’s Piramal Gallery, Mumbai. He is also a participant at the group exhibition commemorating ‘India-Japan friendship Year 2007’, being held in Tokyo, Japan.

Apart from regular assignments, Bijoy Chowdhury continues to work on several photo projects of socio-economic interest. He has also got Fellowship in photography from the Indian Government.



SUMMERY : Bohurupi literally means to imitate different kind of forms that make a man of special character. It’s a rural art that has been prevalent for almost 200 years. In an era of glamour and grandeur, this oldest form of art is still breathing at the hands of Shri Kalipada Pal – a doyen of this folk art.

Resided in Joythsambhu village in the Hooghly district of West Bengal ( a state of E. India), this lone crusader of this age-old art is still pursuing this with devotion and tenacity. Before sun rays filtered through, horde of boys of different ages from remote villages set their foot at his residence to take variety of make-up of various god and goddesses. With the use of different herbal colours and various divine objects, Shri Pal with the help of his grand-daughter unfolds different divine entities with his meticulous touch in each and every boy. Once they goes out they cannot go to the toilet going by the rituals of this kind of art. Whatever they earned by displaying themselves has to pay back something to their mentor as a token of honour.

In the present days of high-profile entertainment, this kind of art-cum-recreation has almost reched to nadir for want of our indifference. It would be a fitting tribute to our rural people if this traditional age-old art get the sympathy and attention of our conscience before it get lost forever.

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The Bohurupi serie of Bijoy Chowdhuri totals 13 pictures. Due to copyright reasons we show 2 pictures here in low quality.

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